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Office: 720.604.1243

Office: 720.604.1243

About Ollin Health

Ollin Health (All in) was started from a core value of mine. I believe that all beings deserve to have a quality of life. In order to achieve this healthcare providers must consider:

  1. Clients’ values which include their belief system
  2. Functionality besides activities of daily living
  3. Clients’ definition of health

I believe a person can have chronic pain and still be healthy. Ollin Health combines Western medicine with allopathic mental health and the clients’ definition of faith. Working in partnership with the client to achieve that person’s best health. At Ollin, we see ourselves as client advocates, counselors, Western medicine providers, and caring people with a passion for seeing clients find their best selves. We do this through integrative sessions focusing on medications, interventions like injections, manipulations, and injectables, mental health wellness through therapy and medications, diet including weight loss and supplementations, exercise like Tia Chi and Chi Quong, faith as defined by the clients, and lifestyle goals. This is about living not just life. 

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“The thought manifests as the word,
The word manifests as the deed,
The deed develops into habit,
And the habit hardens into character.
So watch the thought and its way with care,
And let it spring from love
Born out of concern for all beings.”

– Shri dama Nanda